Consultant Benefits

Consultant Benefits

Flexlaw is expanding, with an aspiration to become Scotland's first full-service virtual firm. If you are a senior solicitor with at least 5 years' specialist experience who wishes to join our innovative firm, then we would like to speak to you.

Candidates can be based throughout Scotland anywhere from the big cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness to the smaller rural towns. What you must share is the ability to bring with you a self-sustaining caseload combined with a passion for business development. You'll have a track record of generating your own caseload through existing contacts and from client referrals. Flexlaw will provide the infrastructure and brand to help your natural skills flourish. At the heart of that is this website and our ongoing advertising spend to bring business to the firm as a whole.

You must have excellent technical ability in your area and the stamina to handle a significant caseload. You will have the confidence, maturity and experience to work unsupervised. We would expect you to be at salaried partner or associate level but we are also interested in speaking with talented senior assistants who are feeling stifled in their current employment. A common theme is that you will have the self-motivation and determination to succeed on your own terms.

You will enjoy the benefits of being part of the Flexlaw team, but with the autonomy and flexibility of a sole practitioner. Indeed, many existing sole practitioners may want to consider what Flexlaw can offer them - economies of scale and a way of working that pares overheads to the bone.

Our consultants remotely access the firm's integrated accounts and document/case management systems to allow work from a home office base or from anywhere with a broadband link. This uniquely flexible way of working can help many retain their career when life events such as the birth of a child or illness would otherwise curtail it. When combined with a business model that ties your remuneration directly to the amount of work you choose to process, the financial rewards are open-ended. It doesn't end there. We'll reward you for any new work you attract to the firm that you are either too busy or unqualified to handle.

Typically, you will generate your own documentation and make extensive use of email; we expect you to have good IT skills, although we can assist with this. For example, there are now many outsourced legal typing providers to whom you can email digital dictation or you may wish to use the new generation voice-recognition software that finally does what it says on the tin. Flexlaw will advise and give practical assistance to allow you to set up a system that works for you and which integrates with us. On an ongoing basis we provide support to our lawyers with cashroom facilities, mail receipt and scanning, training, and the other functions a traditional firm supplies, but without the traditional overheads.

The flexibility we allow our lawyers coupled with the benefits of our collegiate approach, such as cross-referrals between consultants, offer outstanding opportunities. If you have the motivation, independence and commitment to want to hear more then email Mark Harrison or telephone him now on 0131 202 6363 for a confidential chat.

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