About Us

About Us

In 2005 FlexLaw's Managing Partner, Mark Harrison set up e-Litigate Solicitors.

Mark's dream then was to run a high-tech, efficient and eco-friendly law firm with real client benefits. Using the latest technology would save on overheads, and so drive down the cost to clients of employing a lawyer. FlexLaw has been developed with these principles in mind.

Having proved that running a 'virtual' law firm worked for one lawyer, we decided to expand, and take on other lawyers who wanted to work in the same way. Today, FlexLaw can help you with a wide range of legal issues. Our aim is to continue to grow to become Scotland's first full-service "virtual firm".

Our specialist and experienced lawyers work from home offices, linked together by the firm's computer system, by telephone, email and fax. As a result of the financial savings we make on offices and support staff, we are able to offer a unique, high-quality, but cost-effective legal service to our clients. Clients have direct access to their lawyer. You'll know who's dealing with your work and it won't be shunted around.

We're here to provide sharp legal advice at the right price; we don't believe in trying to blind our clients with science to make ourselves feel clever. Our unique financial structure ensures our lawyers are highly motivated, friendly and approachable. We will always speak and write to you in 'plain English', and our priority is to get the job done.

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