Notarial Services

In Scotland a Notary Public is normally a Solicitor who has authority to authorise a particular document and/or certify its legitimacy. Flexlaw provide Notary services in accordance with the guidance published from time to time by the Law Society of Scotland. Contact should be made with Mark Harrison NP in the first instance by email or calling 0131 202 6363. In urgent cases calls will be taken outwith normal business hours.

In Scotland a Notary Public has a number of roles:

Most commonly oaths, affidavits, and affirmations require to be taken before a Notary including affidavits in undefended divorce cases and under the Matrimonial Homes (Family Protection)(Scotland) Act 1981.

A Notary can check original documents and provide certified, notarised copies.

Certain foreign documents for use in foreign jurisdictions require execution or certification before a Notary.

Notaries have a function in signing documents for the blind or illiterate and can notarise entry of a person to overseas territories; documentation for formation of overseas companies; and drawing for repayment of Bonds of Debenture.

Apostilles - some documents for use abroad require a signature and notarial seal and then have to be "legalised" (authenticated) by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. We can certify documents by signing and sealing them before sending on to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to have them legalised.

We can often notarise documents at short notice and, in emergencies, outwith normal business hours. You will need to have satisfactory ID and we will always check that the service you require is within the competence of a Scottish Notary Public.

Contact us or telephone on 0131 202 6363 to make an appointment.

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