The Compensate Personal Injury Network

The Compensate Personal Injury Network

Flexlaw are members of the Compensate Personal Injury Network, a national network set up to provide clients with the best possible service when dealing with a Personal Injury Claim.

Your Accident

It is a fact that accidents happen and whatever the circumstances being involved in an accident is at the very least hugely inconvenient and more likely extremely painful both physically and mentally. It is your right, if because of this accident you have suffered injury and damage to your person or belongings, that the negligent party pays you just compensation - in most cases this will be an insurance company.

Receiving compensation for your accident depends on a number of factors but essentially is dependant on whether the other party involved was negligent. In simplest terms just because an accident happens does not automatically mean someone is to blame: they must have contributed to the circumstances of the accident.

Why use a Compensate Personal Injury Network firm?

There are many benefits for clients under the Compensate Network, including:

  • Immediate access to the very best experienced and expert personal injury lawyers.
  • Free and no obligation assessment of your claim by specialist lawyers with an immediate decision on the likely outcome
  • A comprehensive No win No fee basis without any hidden costs. No contribution to insurance premiums or outlays.
  • Expert witnesses - because the case is funded, expert witnesses can be sought to bolster your case and fully explain your losses due to the accident
  • Speeding up the process - access to the expertise of experienced lawyers helps with robust negotiations which ensures the best results and speeds up the claims process.

The Compensate process explained

The process of applying for Compensate Network support is very straightforward. Your lawyer will take your details and apply to Compensate for support. If the Network specialist solicitors consider that the case has a reasonable prospect of success, Compensate will enter into a contract with you to support your claim. That contract will provide that, in exchange for a percentage of your damages, normally 20%, Compensate will fund your case throughout and will give you complete protection in relation to the expenses of the court action. Compensate will take out, at its expense, an insurance policy to give you the client guaranteed peace of mind. Compensate will also pay for all expert reports needed to maximise your claim.

We understand that this is can be a very stressful and confusing time and you will have many questions and concerns about the accident. We are here to help. Our job is not only to gain you the rightful compensation you deserve but ensure that the process is as simple and straightforward as possible; so please do not hesitate to ask if anything is unclear.

Expert help, when you need it most

If you have been injured in an accident you need the services of a specialist personal injury solicitor. Not only will an expert lawyer be more likely to win your case, but you will almost certainly recover significantly more in damages. In common with other fields of law, personal injury work is becoming increasingly complex and specialised. The Compensate Network, in partnership with your local solicitor, allows you access to experts in each area of personal injury law, whether a road traffic accident, accident at work or an accident which has caused a specific injury. For you that means access to justice at no financial risk.

This benefits you

- our research has shown statistically you will gain up to double the compensation with Sheriff Court cases and up to three times as much with Court of Session cases than the pre-litigation offer given by the insurance companies. In short, having the clout to litigate ensures we are taken seriously and even though most of the time we don't go to court, having the ability to prepare every case as if we are will ensure the highest possible award for you. Other firms in Scotland who do not have access to the Network and this type of funding will do everything they can not to litigate and therefore you will be short-changed on your rightful damages.

Your choice

As well as offering clients access to the Compensate product, we also offer our own in-house No win no fee agreement with may be more appropriate in certain cases. It does not cover your liability for outlays such as expert reports or payment of the other side's expenses in the rare circumstance that this may be required, but the flip side of the coin is that there is no automatic 20% discount from any damages you recover. Our solicitors will discuss the pros and cons of each type of agreement with you to allow you to make an informed choice.

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