How we work

How we work

Good advice, your way.

Our lawyers are experts at what they do.  They have typically worked for many years at big-name, traditional law firms, before deciding to join Flexlaw.  A dedicated, specialist solicitor will take sole responsibility for handling your case.   

Your solicitor will keep you updated as things progress, and you’ll find that we always respond promptly when you contact us. 

We don’t believe in middle-men.  You will always deal directly with the solicitor who is in charge of your case.  We will provide you with their email address and direct telephone number. 

When a meeting is needed, we can meet you at home or at work if it suits you, or we can provide meeting room facilities, if that’s easier.  We’ll keep in touch on an ongoing basis in whichever way you prefer.  We’re equally happy to deal with you by email, snail mail, over the phone or face-to-face. 

We know that you want to know what to expect when it comes to our fees.  That’s why we will always discuss fees with you up-front.  If possible, we will give you a fee estimate on day one, and then we’ll stick to it.  Sometimes, we can offer a ‘no win-no fee’ arrangement.  If the work is open-ended then we will discuss your budget and update you on costs as we go.  Our motto on fees is, ‘No surprises’. 

We run paperless offices.  All of our client papers are securely stored on our central computer system.  We can access the paperwork relating to your case on a laptop, even if we’ve called in to see you for a meeting.  It’s pretty handy.

Good value, our way.

How can we afford to provide you with such great lawyers at such reasonable prices?   Our big secret is low overheads.  (Don’t tell the other firms.) 

We pared down the concept of a law firm to the bare essentials, and then we built FlexLaw up from scratch, just using the bits we really couldn’t do without. 

We decided not to splash out on swanky city centre offices.  We didn’t think discerning clients wanted to pay for us to have those.  Instead, our solicitors work from home offices, linked by our computer system, and by telephone and fax.  We save a fortune in running costs, which means we can afford to keep our fees reasonable. 

Most firms have to pay lots of junior lawyers and support staff before they make a profit, which really pushes up the fees for clients.  We decided that we weren’t too proud to make our own coffee, and we could do without the staff.   Another huge saving. 

At FlexLaw, you’ll have an experienced lawyer who knows their stuff, dealing directly with you, the client.  You’re paying for nothing and nobody else.  Of course, we’re still regulated by the Law Society of Scotland in the same way as every other firm.

Simple but effective?  We think so.

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