Employment Law For Employers

Employment Law For Employers

Prevention is better than cure! We know that employers can feel overwhelmed when it comes to matters such as employment contracts, disciplinary and grievance procedures, equal opportunities, and retirement but getting good advice in advance can bring benefits to your business and prevent problems before they occur.

We can save employers thousands of pounds if our advice prevents successful Employment Tribunal claims arising. Getting our assistance in drafting your contracts and policies can make it far easier for you to deal with problem employees in the future. And although we deal with employment law issues which have already arisen in the workplace, we strive to give early advice at preliminary stages to give you the best chance of preventing costly issues from arising in the future.

Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion at the earliest possible stage for advice on any of the following –

  1. Avoiding Discrimination Claims
  2. Casual Workers
  3. Compromise Agreements
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Dealing with Grievances
  6. Dealing with Ill Health
  7. Disciplinary Proceedings and Dismissal
  8. Email, Internet, Social Media and IT Policies
  9. Employment Contracts
  10. Employment Tribunal Proceedings
  11. Equal Opportunities Policies
  12. Flexible Working Requests
  13. Notice and Notice Pay
  14. Pregnancy, Maternity and Parental Rights
  15. Protecting Your Business and Customer Base
  16. Redundancy
  17. Retirement
  18. Severance Packages

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