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Our Services

What’s your problem? Chances are that we can help. We know that choosing a lawyer can be intimidating. That’s why we think you’ll appreciate our no-nonsense approach. We’re on a low fat diet. No fancy office for us allows us to charge less; yet our clients love having direct access to their own specialist solicitor who takes full control of their case. It’s the best of both worlds really. A heavyweight city service at a local price.

Our service aspires to be comprehensive. We cater for individuals, SMEs and companies. As we grow our mission is to offer a nationwide full service. We know what you look for in a modern law firm – efficiency, integrity and market leading fees - and this is what we deliver.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help. You’ll find us approachable and enthusiastic. We’ll talk to you in plain English and you’ll always get straight through to your appointed solicitor directly by phone or email.

Right now, chances are that we can assist you with most civil court disputes including debt recovery, personal injury claims, mortgage repossessions, property damage and compensation claims. In appropriate cases, we can offer our services on a “win-no fee” basis. We’ll advise you whether this might be suitable in your particular circumstances. For more information on our litigation and dispute resolution services click here.

You may have been made redundant or have another employment law query such as a discrimination issue. Whatever, you’re in a tight spot. We have the expertise in this specialist area of law to help you regain your footing. Find out more here.

Modern companies operate in a fast paced environment. The dynamic survive. They demand the best from their professionals and we aim to satisfy. We work the same way. We understand that deadlines are for meeting, not breaking. Our lawyers have good commercial sense. They are IT literate and motivated to perform. They get under the skin of your business and join its team. Click here for more on our services for the sole trader and SME.

As we grow, we plan to add new specialisms to our service portfolio. If we can’t help with a particular problem at present then we can usually refer you to a colleague who can, so it pays to enquire. In the first instance email Mark Harrison or telephone direct on 0131 202 6363 to discuss how we can help you.

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