Sex Discrimination Claims

Sex Discrimination Claims

The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 applies to all discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of the sex of an individual. It covers matters starting from the initial selection for a job, followed by training, promotion, work practices, dismissal and protects also against sexual harassment.

Discrimination can be direct or indirect. An example of the first is where a less fully qualified man is given promotion in the face of a more experienced female’s application. Indirect discrimination could apply where an employer’s policies, while looking to be fair, in reality actually favour one sex over the other. An example might be a policy rewarding length of service. Women may well find it harder to compete with their male counterparts if they have had children and taken time off to care for them. The 1975 Act’s protections are typically taken to refer to women but there is no reason why men cannot also make use of them in appropriate cases.

As stated, the 1975 Act also protects employees against sexual harassment and victimisation. Sex discrimination, harassment or victimisation can all lead to claims before the Employment Tribunal and Flexlaw can help you at all stages of the process.

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