Child Support

Child Support

John Fotheringham, Consultant Solicitor at Flexlaw, is the leading Child Support lawyer in Scotland.  He has experience as a Chairman of Child Support Tribunals as well as 27 years’ experience of child support law and the UK child support system. He has been a solicitor for 43 years and nowadays works exclusively in the child support sphere.

He is able to advise on matters of child support for Parents with Care and for Non-resident Parents.  He regularly appears in Child Support Tribunals around Scotland, and is able to advise and appear in respect of cases in other parts of the UK.  Scots family law is different from its English & Welsh equivalent, but the law of child support is (very nearly) the same on either side of the Border.

Of course this can be said about most areas of law, but it is particularly important in child support cases to take action as soon as possible.  There are strict time limits and, although these can sometimes be extended, it is never wise to rely on that.

John will be happy to hear from you with your child support problems.  Don’t leave it too late!

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